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Yes, we have you Stage Rental For Events Maryland and Stage Rental Washington DC,Virginia.


  • Modular Stage: Our modular stage systems consist of interlocking platforms and collapsible risers that can be combined to create customized stages in various heights and configurations. They are strong, versatile and allow for easy and quick set ups.

  • Outdoor Stage Covers: For outdoor events, we use aluminum truss systems to create roof coverings. Our roofing systems can also be adjusted to various heights and is strong enough to support lighting systems or suspended line array speakers. We encourage the use of backdrops and wing banners to add depth to your stage presentation and help differentiate your event.


  • Mobile Stage: This type of staging has become very popular with outdoor festivals. It is our newest offering. Mobile hydraulic staging offers the efficiency of allowing outdoor stage set ups to be safely and quickly transported, deployed and used outdoors. The entire stage system fits into a single trailer and requires no ground preparation, anchoring or ballasting. It is made up of pre-assembled stage panels that unfold hydraulically and sequentially into a self standing  covered stage. They have proven to remain safe while protecting gear and people throughout the most extreme weather conditions. Our base system is 24' x 20', but can be extended to 40' x 32' with extension platforms.

  • Stage and Tent Rental:- If you're hosting an event and looking for a stage, you've come to the right place for Stage Rental For Events Maryland, Stage Rental Virginia, and Washington DC. Since Boom Audio Services have been renting stages for more than 22 years, we like to think that we are knowledgeable about the many stage layouts, surfaces, and uses as well as what would be ideal for you. We can handle the biggest work in the sector thanks to our stock of stage decks. We provide services in Stage and Tent Rental Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland.

  • Our services includes :- Stage Rental For Events Maryland, Stage Rental Washington DC Virginia  services and Stage Tent Rental in Washington DC.


Flat Stage Roofing System 

30 Ft W x 20 Ft L x 23 Ft H


12D Angled Stage Roofing System with 7 Ft Speaker Wings 30 Ft W x 20 Ft L x 23 Ft H


Flat Stage Roofing System with 7 Ft Speaker Wings 30 Ft W x 20 Ft L x 23 Ft H


Tent & Stage Package

Dimensions Options

  • 16 Ft W x 12 Ft L x 8 Ft H

  • 20 Ft W x 16 Ft L x 8 Ft H

  • 20 Ft W x 20 Ft L x 8 Ft H

Stage Roof Options

Truss Roof:

Our stage roofs solutions come in varying sizes and types to match the dimensions of the appropriate stage decks. They are made from Global Truss and Pro-X F34 truss. They are designed to facilitate the  hanging of lighting fixtures, curtains, video walls and speakers. They can be adjusted to any height up to 23 ft. The roof sheathing  is made from from flame retardant PVC. Optional sidewalls made from air-permeable material can be included to protect the stage from rain and other elements. These structures are ideal for medium size to large events with deck sizes up to 28 Ft x 18 Ft. 

Tent & Stage: For smaller events on a limited budget, we offer a stage and tent rental solution that is available in three popular sizes. While this type of structure is not designed as load bearing, the tent frame does support the loading of a limited amount of LED lighting fixtures that can be added if needed.

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